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Experienced Professional Detailing Techs

Bringing over 60 years of combined experience, your friendly and experienced local staff at Long Haul Custom Detailing are ready to assist. When you want a full-scale detailing or a custom detailing package, we work hard to leave your vehicle looking lot-new. Long Haul has experience with everything from flatbeds and trailers to tankers and tri-axles. Skip the bucket and hose washing and leave it to the Long Haul pros.

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  • detailing before and after
  • detailing before and after

Spotless Inside and Out

As a full-service detailing shop, we know how to give your ride the transformation it deserves! And that's what we're all about here at Long Haul Custom Detailing. We specialize in a range of custom detailing services including aluminum sanding and restoration, bed and trailer buffing, and driver swap outs. From semis and tankers to emergency vehicles and toy haulers, we detail it all!

Truck Washes
Our new state-of-the-art facility makes even the standard truck wash a breeze. Your truck and trailer sees a lot of dirt, dust, and road grime. Walk in with a wornout and weary rig and roll away with a brand new shine! A regular washing helps protect your vehicle from deposit build-up which can damage aluminum and paint.

Full Interior
Ater so many trips, jobs, and hauls, your cab interior is going to reflect all that work. Our expert interior detailing technicians deep clean every nook and cranny to give you a nearly perfect seat! From daycabs to double bunk sleepers, your Long Haul techs are waiting to revitalize your commercial truck's interior!

Aluminium Package
One of the first places you will notice the dirt and grime is in the fading sparkle of your aluminium. Our high-quality cleaning products ensure a shine that lasts. At Long Haul Custom Detailing, we thrive on restoring the shine! Offering aluminium sanding and polishing, you'll be driving off with a finish as sharp as a mirror.

Full Commercial
Get the complete detailing for your commercial truck interior and exterior! For odor removal, grease stains, and long-term wear, the Long Haul Custom Detailing team gives your commercial truck the like-new look! We even provide driver swap out cleans.

A thorough buffing helps restore even the most well-worked trailers! Our skilled technicians provide professional-grade products and equipment to buff and polish your truck bed and trailer. We tackle all types of trucks and trailers, even toy haulers!

Fleet Detailing
Long Haul Custom Detailing offers fleet maintenance detailing. You love what you do; now love how you look! Our fleet maintenance options are available for a wide range of commercial trucks from emergency services to tankers to quad-axle dump trucks!

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